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Pharmacy Technician and Tattoos?

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Does anyone know if you’re allowed to have visible tattoos if you’re a Pharmacy Technician?

Questions about becoming a certified pharmacy tech and passing the PTCB exam please help?

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I’m currently a senior in highschool and I’m enrolled in a program that teaches the basics about becoming a pharmacy tech. I’m going to CVS for a 1 month unpaid experience. I basically leave school for 3 hours and work at CVS. I don’t feel like I know enough to go to CVS. I was wondering if there was anything I could study online or if you guys had any tips for me. I’m trying to memorize the top 200 drugs and what they do and I’m also getting a review for the PTCB is there anything else I could do? Thank you!

somking pharmacist!!!?

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iam somking pharmacist do thing this issue will affect my career: iam somking inside my pharmacy

Should I go back to school to be a Pharmacy Tech or Pharmacist?

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I graduated from the University in 2010 but have been unable to find employment. I am at my witts end, and I have begun to look into going back to school with an intent on either becoming a pharmacist or pharmacy tech. I did not intend to pursue either career when I started college so I only need to take 1 prerequisite to get into Pharmacy Tech program (Approx 2 semesters to get licensed as a Tech) or a bunch of prerequisites to (Possibly 1-2 years worth of science classes at community college) to get into Pharmacy School to become a Pharmacist (Approx 4 years to complete). What should I concentrate on: Pharmacy Tech School or intensive study to become a Pharmacist? Considering where I am at right now, heading back to school hasn’t been my first choice option but I need direction of some sort at this point. Having a defined career goal is better than a degree with no direction.

Which job name sound better on you?

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Pharmacy Technician OR Mail Service Represenative?

What questions will be asked in a Rite Aid job interview?

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I have an interview soon for a job at a Rite Aid. This is my first real job, and my first job interview. I’m a little nervous about the questions that might be asked, especially since I tend to stumble over my sentences when I’m nervous. Does anyone have any idea of a couple questions that might be asked of me? Thanks!

Steps to becoming a Pharmacy Technician…..?

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To become a pharm. tech. it takes 5 years right? so what’s up with programs like the ones at everest institute that say you can do it in 6 to 9 months?

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