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become pharmacy technician without tech or online school in Washington?

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Can anyone offer an explanation or link that can explain if there are other ways to become a registered pharm.technician without school? Ive read around the net, mostly forums but alot of them are outdated.
Ive been volunteering at a LTC pharmacy for about 3 months now with a Pharmacy assistant card and was wondering how i can become a technician or whether or not my hours there will count towards anything. I am also in college so i do not want to add in anymore school.

What do I need to do to get into a pharmacy school?

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I have a BS in biochemistry, and I’m currently working as a chemist for a pharmaceutical company for about 5 years now. And I’ve also have my own pharmacy, knows most of the ins and outs of starting up and managing a pharmacy. But now, I really want to change my career and be really hands on with the pharmacy like filling up prescriptions without having a pharmacist’s supervision by getting into a pharmacy school (preferably rutgers school of pharmacy). My GPA wasn’t so great… About 3.0…. And it’s been over 5 years since I graduated…. So what should I do? Help!!!!

Does anyone know what the requirements are to become a pharmacy technician in PA?

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I am looking to become a Pharmacy Technician, and I was wondering, besides the book training, if I need vo-tech training also??

pharmacy job outlook?

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I’m a pre-pharm student. I’ve heard that pharmacy job outlook is bad recently because they added a lot more pharmacy school and there will be a surplus of pharmacist in the future. Also, old pharmacists do not want to retire because of economic crisis.

My current GPA is 4.0 and I feel like I’m going to very well in my science classes. I love medical field and I do not mind long schooling. However, I was disappointed the other day that people keep saying that pharmacy is a dying profession. I wonder if it is going to get better after the Obama care?

I was considering applying to medical field instead because of better job outlook, but the only reason is that my husband does not want me too because doctors do not have time for family and they have to work on call.

Would applying to top pharmacy school, doing residency and having dual degree (pharmD/phD or pharmD/MBA) increases my chance of getting a job in pharmacy in the future?

I’m going back and forth for the past few months now. ANyone help me please?

PCAT scores? please help?

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I just took my PCAT today (7/20/11) I somewhat understand how it is graded, but I don’t know if these grades are high enough to get me into pharmacy school. I am currently in a Co-op pharmacy program with UT Austin but I really want to go to A&M Kingsville.

GPA: 3.68 (should go up to about 3.7 after summer)
PCAT scores:
Verbal ability- 400 / 48
Biology- 408 / 61
Reading comprehension – 397 / 40
Quantitative ability – 409 / 57
Chemistry – 405 / 53
Composite – 404 / 51

I do volunteer at the hospital, I have about 100 hours so far, and I am trying to get experience in the pharmacy department as a volunteer.
I have also already taken and passed the PTCB (pharmacy technician certification boards test)

I don’t know if i should retake the PCAT or not. any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

careers in Chemistry?

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what are some careers I can go in study after majoring in Chemistry in University., or other programs I can branch off to, like Pharmacy?

Can I get a pharmacy technician degree without taking any course?

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Can I just study myself and take some kind of exam to get the degree?
If yes, what should I study? and how can I take the exam?

Does anyone know about this? Please help me! Thank you!!!

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