Can I Become A Pharmacy Technician Without Going To School?

Can I Become A Pharmacy Technician Without Going To School?

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Would it be possible to just study for the certification test and pass it? Or do I need a Pharmacy Technician Certificate before I can take the test?
I know “it’s gonna be hard to just take it without training” and “even people who train as techs don’t pass the test.” But I just want a straightforward answer. Thanks! :)

  1. GRANOLA answered this question

    It’s not what you know it’s who you know…and if you happen to know someone that needs your help in pretty much any type of business you’ve got a good chance of getting a job…even if it’s in a field that you’re not so familiar with. I’ve seen kids working in garages as mechanics, I’ve seen some “director of operations” of large manufacturing facilities that have no more than a high school education…even V.P. of some large companies that have nothing more than a decent ability to communicate with people. They have no education whatsoever. So you probably could become a pharmacy technician without going to school, you just need to find the right person at the right pharmacy willing to show you a few things…it’s not rocket science, read the prescription go pull out the required medication and serve up the right dose. You gotta know which drugs may or may not adversely affect the patient, and which ones the patient shouldn’t take if they’re already taking something else.
    Most of what you learn in school is not practical anyway…99% of people learn the most while their on the job, so you could become a very qualified pharmacy tech without any education…

  2. pretty + poisonous answered this question

    You do NOT need to go to college or take special courses to be come a pharmacy tech or take the certification test. I know from experience!
    I do NOT recommend taking the certification test (PTCE) without working as a tech first. There ARE places that will hire you to be a tech with no formal education, no experience, and no license. Most retail drugstores offer paid on-the-job training! Actually working as a tech is the absolute best way to prepare for the test! And you don’t want to have to take the PTCE more than once. . .it costs $129.

  3. divadjam answered this question

    Some pharmacy techs have only on the job training but many employers favor formal training and certification. Only if you take the exam, state or national-and pass you become CPhT. Different states have different requirements. So you DO NOT have to go to school unless your state or employer requires it. You can do on the job training which may require a certain number of hours to sit for the exam to be Certified- or not. So the other answers are correct. Good Luck!!! Do a quick search for the State Board of Pharmacy requirements of PhT and/or CPhT for your state.

  4. Anna answered this question

    No… there are some fields where u can “challenge” the test (like CNA) but with this NO. you have to take an approved course/school before you can sit for the test.
    Pharmacy techs courses however may only last for a few months thou… and they make a nice chump of change in relation to how long u have to be in school…

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