Double major Chemistry and Psychology? Bad idea?

Double major Chemistry and Psychology? Bad idea?

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Ok, so I’m a junior at a fairly difficult high school. I’m definitely somewhere in the top 5% of the class. I make straight A’s. I work hard and am quite determined. I was wondering if double majoring in chemistry and psychology would be a bad idea. I want to go on to pharmacy school afterward, so I don’t have my heart set on a chemistry major. Perhaps something else would be better. I know this is a bit long term, but later on (like way later on when I’m in my 50s or something) I want to go back and get my masters in psychology and work as a school counselor. Do you think this is a bad idea? Any other ideas? I’m open to anything. Please give me your opinion. Thank you!

  1. Fizzy answered this question

    Most of the time double majoring doesn’t get you much further in life, especially if the subjects don’t coincide. In your case, psych and chem, they are basically incongruent. I would only recommend a double major if while in college you can’t decide which of the two you want to go to, and even then I would have some reservations. I would just give it time and see how you naturally grow and develop. I mean you don’t declare a major in college until your junior year anyway, that gives the around 3. 5 more years to reach a decision. And if you plan on going to grad school when you in your 50’s for psychology, they won’t care too much if your bachelor’s is in something completely different.

  2. alex answered this question

    I don’t think it’s a bad idea, but I don’t think it’s necessary. Especially if you aren’t set on a chem major. You could just as well major in psychology and get your pre-pharm classes and I’m sure you would be very very busy with all of that. If you do decide to do that, ask the college you want to go to the percentage of their double majors that graduate in four years.

  3. Prospero Reincarnate answered this question

    Major in whatever you want to. I personally don’t think double majoring is a good idea. Rather I think you should do one major, maybe take some classes in your other interest, do an internship, and really create a degree experience that is marketable. A BA in Physics doesn’t train you to be a Physicist, and a BA in Psychology doesn’t train you to be a Psychologist. You need grad school for that. The Bachelor’s degree program isn’t designed as a “vocational” school. You can go to DeVry or Triangle Tech for that. What our Liberal Arts university system does (and successfuly, as shown by statistics) is train you to Think Critically, and to Communicate.

    So, if you choose to major in Physics, your professors will use the discipline of Physics to teach you how to think. If you major in Psychology your professors will use the discipline of Psychology (you’ll read Jung, Freud, etc) to teach you how to think critically.

    This is why so many people end up working in fields unrelated to their major. College major doesn’t matter. What matters is that you’re good at that field. Ultimately, the ability to think critically and to communicate are what is going to find you a good job, (along with internships, certificates, what you do after you graduate, grad school, etc) and help you in every other aspect of life. (family, politics, citizenry, volunteerism, church, etc) A liberal arts degree (which both a BS in Physics or in Psychology ultimately are), is not a vocational degree. For that you’d want to do one of the “professional” bachelor degrees. (BPharm, BSE, BSEd, BSN, etc)

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