How Much Money Does A Pharmacist Make?

How Much Money Does A Pharmacist Make?

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OK. So I’m a senior in high school I want to be a pharmacist. But I’m going to live in Oregon and be a pharmacist,so i wanted to know how much id there minimum wage. I’m going to work in the pharmacy if you where going to ask.I am planning to go to OSU. AND only answer if you are a pharmacist or know a lot about one. Thanks!

  1. Staci answered this question

    Leslie ur title ask about pharmacist income & both of the responses can be correct cause it’s going 2 depend on where in Oregon you work and whether ur working for company or as independent pharmacist.
    But if I read further it kinda sounds like ur wondering as a student going 2 OSU in Oregon what would be the minimum wage made per hour? Many students who train earn more than minimum wage while a student trainee.
    My pharmacist friends tell me 70,000.00 is the norm but floaters could make easily 90K and more established, big city average 100k. It’s a hard profession 2 learn so stop working about what u’ll make and care more about the material u have 2 know 2 succeed.
    PS the intials of OSU could be Oregon State University, Ohio State University just 2 schools that came 2 mind.

  2. gly15 answered this question

    If you go into retail pharmacy (meaning working for Walgreens, CVS, etc. as opposed to working at a hospital or clinic pharmacy) you can expect to start at around $100k per year. There is a shortage of pharmacists right now in the workforce, which leads to a huge demand. It is a great field to go into in my opinion. Good luck!

  3. Lea answered this question

    I don’t know a single full time pharmacist who makes only $70k. The average salary is a little over $100k.

  4. Ask And I Shall Answer !! answered this question

    Anywhere from $50,000 to $80,000 a year……depending on which company you wind up with……

  5. Murzy answered this question

    many make over $100k

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