Should I go back to Pharmacy school?

Should I go back to Pharmacy school?

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I started Pharmacy school last Aug, and a month before the semester ended, I had an anxiety attack. I never had one before. Here is what it feels like for those who have never had the joy of having one before. Think about a time that was the scariest moment in your life. Like the feeling you had when thought your child is missing, or you heard for the first time you heard a family member was in a bad wreck. Take that feeling that is suppose to last a few moments and expand it to last weeks. It was awful. I didn’t stop throwing up every morning for weeks. The nightmares were the worst. Then to top it all off, I felt completely disconnected from the entire world. All I could do was sit on the couch and stare off into space. It was numbing. The school said I could come back in the fall, since I wasn’t failing. I think about it now, and realized that I just got scared of failing. The whole thing kinda snowballed out of control. I started thinking I was going to fail,my wife was going to leave me, and my house would go into foreclosure. Fast forward to today. I know those thoughts were not logical. However, now I have a job the pays the bills, but I have tests every year that I have to pass or I lose that job. So question is, do I stay at my job or go back to pharmacy school and risk another attack.

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    I recommend therapy so you can get on with your life. You suffer some kind of anxiety disorder, which it can easily be treated with medication, and talking with a counselor. You’re probably overwhelmed with life, and doing well in school.You just need to let go, focus and breathe. It’s scary with all life changes, and trying to do well in your major — but you can get through it. Your wife more likely won’t leave you, and your home will be fine. Tell yourself this when you start to panic.

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