Uic, Pitt Or Butler University For Pharmacy?

Uic, Pitt Or Butler University For Pharmacy?

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I eventually want to be a pharmacist, and I have recently got accepted to all three of these schools (University of Illinois at Chicago, University of Pittsburgh and Butler University). Pitt and Butler both offered me guaranteed admission to their pharmacy programs, but I would have to apply after two years at UIC. I live in Illinois, so UIC would be my cheapest option if I ended up not getting any scholarships or finicial aid. If I continued to be a good student (I have a 4.51 weighed gpa on a 4.0 scale, do extremely well in math and science, and got a 28 on my ACT) do you think I could get accepted into their pharmacy program? Do you think it’d be unwise not to take guaranteed advancement to pharmacy school? I love Pitt and could see myself going there, but Butler and UIC are closer to home. Butler’s only plus is the guaranteed admission and proximity to home, I’m not really sure about their reputation. Where should I go out of these three schools considering all this?

  1. Lea answered this question

    Pittsburgh and Butler are considered to be average school.
    UIC will give you enough financial aid to be for each semester. However, for this year’s P-1 class, 75% of them have bachelors. You probably had the numbers to apply to their Guaranteed Admissions programs. The application date has long since passed. UIC does look at other things besides GPA and PCAT scores. They do value extracurriculars. The acceptance rate at UIC is hovering at about 10%.

  2. J L answered this question

    You are of the lucky ones to get accepted to PITT.  Take the opportunity to go there, it is a very nice school.  There are tons of people who would love to be in your place right now.  Especially those who live in Pittsburgh.( I myself didn’t get accepted to the main campus)  Besides that school has a great overall medicine program.  But keep in mind, that the lecture halls and over all campus is huge.  try to decide if you can even learn in these type of conditions.  Good Luck in College!

  3. Brittany H answered this question

    Take the guaranteed admission option but still apply to UIC when the pre-pharmacy portion is done.

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