What Are Some Pros And Cons Of Being A Pharmacist?

What Are Some Pros And Cons Of Being A Pharmacist?

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im in high school and im really considering going to massachusetts college of pharmacy and health sciences. i just want to know what to expect (i already know it pays well.)

  1. gly15 answered this question

    As you’ve mentioned, one of the biggest pros of being a pharmacist is the pay. It pays really, really well. Fresh out of pharmacy school, you can realistically expect to make around $100k per year.
    Also, along the same vein, there is a huge demand for pharmacists right now. Employers are offering some really awesome incentives to pharmacists to lure them to their companies — signing bonuses, paying moving costs, a TON of vacation time….it’s definitely a field that will continue to expand as our population ages. You would never have to worry about finding a job.
    I work as a pharmacy technician and I can honestly say that the techs do about 90% of the work involved in filling prescriptions. The tech enters the prescription in the computer system (to make the rx label), counts the pills, and waits on the customer at the register. All the pharmacist does it make sure the prescription is filled correctly before it is dispensed to the patient and answer any questions a patient might have about the drug. This can be either a pro or a con depending on your outlook. On one hand, you get paid excellent money for very little work, but on the other hand, you go through a ton of schooling to sit and double check a technician’s work all day.
    Another con is that it is very repetitious work. There is not a lot of variance in your work from day to day.
    One last con I can think of off hand is the amount of money and time put into pharmacy school. It is really, really expensive, and the student loan debt is probably overwhelming. Plus, 7 years of college takes alot of discipline and hard work. Overall, I think going into pharmacy is a smart move, but it is one that you must dedicate yourself to. It’s not something that will come easy.

  2. Oz answered this question

    Well, if you become a pharmacist and don’t go further into the research field or something like that, the job can be boring. I mean, it really depends on where you get the job. A pharmacist can work at a CVS or Walgreen’s, where they will probably have a pretty routine, simple, and possibly boring day. However, they can also get a job at hospitals where the job would probably be more interesting on a day to day basis.
    If you don’t go further with education, the job can be almost ritualistic and the same from day to day, causing it to be boring for some. But, having the ability to choose your schedule (depending where you work and who your employer is) is a plus. Also, depending on the employer, you can often get special “packages” so to say, to improve your retirement plan, health care plan, etc.
    Pharmacy is a great career choice and it pays well. Another plus is that if at any time you start getting bored of it, you can be employed by private companies, hospitals, and if you extend your education, you can enter the research field.

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