Will I Not Get Hired Because Of My Criminal Record?

Will I Not Get Hired Because Of My Criminal Record?

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I have a summary offense for retail theft in Pennsylvania, which is considered lower than a misdemeanor, but is still on my record and looks pretty bad. I know that getting hired to a lot of places, however, depends on what the nature of the crime has to do with the job that you’re applying for. After I’ve had this on my record, I was able to get financial aid, and a waitressing job. I decided not to even try for any retail jobs at first. Most companies, though, when you apply, say that “they understand people make mistakes and that a criminal record will not necessairly bar you from employment with them”. So I thought screw it, I have nothing to lose, and applied anyway, telling them the truth about my conviction. If I don’t get those jobs, it won’t be the end of the world or anything, but I’m afraid that after I get my Pharmacy Tech diploma from school, they won’t hire me because of it. I mean, if I got a waitressing job you’d think with a degree I could get this one too.

  1. Robert Wilkins answered this question

    They usually ask that you don’t list misdemeanors.
    As long as you don’t have any engaging conversations about your past with your soon-to-be employer, I am pretty sure you will be in the clear.

  2. Bartleby the Scrivener answered this question

    This would depend on many things. One of the chief considerations would be whether or not you were handling the company’s money. Another would be the duration between when you did it and now. If it was six months ago, they’ll be less likely to forgive you. If it was six years ago, they’ll probably ignore it.
    If it was closer to six years – go for the expungement anyway. It’ll help you feel a bit better about it.

  3. Gil R answered this question

    Look into getting it expunged, totally erased.

  4. catwoman answered this question

    You will be registared with the state that is not one of the reasons that a company cant hire you.

  5. Gaila's Pool days answered this question

    If it’s expunged they can’t use that against you, I don’t think? I worked in this one place were we worked with children and the employee still had a battery charge attached to the background check. My employer and myself went to the court house and the charge was expunged so we had to hire her anyway. People do make mistakes and professional people understand things like that. Mine did. Most places have a confidental clause that keeps anybody from that info!

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